Residency Profiles

The residency programme provides an opportunity to interact, experiment and work with local materials to extend one’s visual language. Kolkata The city is noted for its vibrant political culture, ranging from the Indian struggle for independence to contemporary politics. Once the center of modern education, science, culture and politics in India. Kolkatans tend to have a special appreciation for art and literature; its tradition of welcoming new talent has made it a "city of furious creative energy". Kolkata offers diverse inspirations as a cosmopolitan and is an eclectic city. The artists of the city have straddled diverse genres and are part of the divergent contemporary landscape. Located in a quiet, very Bengalee district of South Kolkata,STUDIO21 Residency residency programme will encourage artists to move beyond the comfort of their studio spaces and work in new circumstances.
STUDIO21 is a residency project, based in Kolkata ,India. We offer a large working and exhibition space within the STUDIO21 where we invite international and Indian artists to work for a period of 1 – 2 months, culminating in a final show during one of the gallery weekends in STUDIO21.
As the project is still young, it offers the artists in residence much freedom to create a format, which works for the individual, Resident artists have 24-hour access to the space, and we encourage the participants to work and be present on site as much as possible during the duration of the residency. When committing to this project, the artist must agree to stay the duration of the residency. The participant is responsible for paying the entire participation fee.
We wish that the space be an open environment and welcome visitors to come by to visit during the working process. You can expect an intensive time of work and exchange in our large working space in the center of Kolkata’s contemporary art scene. The exhibition will be seen by a broad audience. You will become part of the STUDIO21 network including the possibility to participate in future exhibitions organized by STUDIO21 and an eventual appearance in a future catalogue.


Artists in all fields of fine arts, performance, installation, video, photography, painting, media art, environmental, public and community based art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural productions. The program strives for a mix of emerging and established artists of any gender and from anywhere.

What is expected of the artist:

• Participation fees of Euro 650 to cover costs of the Studio space and Publicity
• Travel and Visa application costs to be borne by the participant.
• One Public presentation
• Interaction with local art institutions/artists community
• The residency ends with an open studio/ Exhibition
• Residency session- year around
• Maximum length of the residency- 2 months
• Accomodation: Within STUDIO21, participant will have a


• Hospital and pharmacy within walking distance.
• Note: We recommend that you obtain necessary vaccinations, preventive medical procedures and appropriate medical insurance prior to departing for India.


STUDIO21 website offer an application procedure which is open to artists from all nations. Artists are requested to send in documentation about their work.
The three project terms each year are:
February - April
July- September
Nov- January.

How to apply:

Please send the application form along with the following attachments listed below, BY EMAIL ONLY to, and use “residency” as the subject of the email.
Applications should contain a CV, photos and a short text about your work and work intentions for the project term, as well as to state in which term you wish to participate. Up to 5 images of recent work (jpeg, and mac compatible)
Participants will be chosen by a jury and informed within a month after receiving applications.


Brodband Internet,Wifi.
Small Library.
One open space for interaction and communal gathering.
Food: You can cook your own food or eat at the local restaurants which are conveniently located near by.